To build a fire

But all this--the mysterious, far-reaching hairline trail, the absence of sun from the sky, the tremendous cold, and the strangeness and weirdness of it all--made no impression on the man.

Well, it was up to him to build the fire over again, and this second time there must be no failure. He sat down in the snow, and in this fashion held the dog, while it snarled and whined and struggled.

Once again, however, he had a close call; and once, suspecting danger, he compelled the dog to go on in front. The trail was faint. He was quick and alert in the things of life, but only in the things, and not in the significances. The result was that a crystal beard of the colour and solidity of amber was increasing its length on his chin.

His theory of running until he reached camp and the boys had one flaw in it: And show no hesitation in sharing some of your own ideas and experiences with us as well.

How to Build a Patio and Fire Pit with Easy Instructions and Step-by-Step Images

In reality, it was not merely colder than fifty below zero; it was colder than sixty below, than seventy below. Measure the bowl Use wedge-shaped stack-able stones to crate a round base that will hold the metal bowl Place metal bowl in the center to be used as the fire pit.

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Next he brought out his bunch of sulphur matches. Then he took the gloves off both hands and picked up all the matches.

Both distinguished members of the department with a combined time of more than 25 years serving the Town of Williston. It halted forty feet away and surveyed him curiously, with ears sharply pricked forward.

All this happened quickly, and before the animal could get away, he encircled its body with his arms. He wetted himself half-way to the knees before he floundered out to the firm crust. He was a newcomer in the land, a chechaquo, and this was his first winter.

It certainly was cold, he concluded, as he rubbed his numbed nose and cheek-bones with his mittened hand.

If he stepped there, he might break through the ice into a pool of water. The protagonist's desperation is evident throughout the majority of the story. All of which counted for little. The dog dropped in again at his heels, with a tail drooping discouragement, as the man swung along the creek-bed.

This thought he kept in the background and refused to consider. Then, with both mittened hands, he scooped the bunch of matches, along with much snow, into his lap.Welcome to National Preparedness.

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The Home Depot offers free workshops for do-it-yourselfers of all ages and experience levels. Register today for our do-it-yourself (DIY), do-it-herself and kids workshops. “How to build a fire” might sound extremely simple, but good fire starting technique is essential to your overall survival strategy.

Our friend Dave Scott, who you may know from the Bushmaster Bible, gives us a foolproof method for starting fires with nothing but what you can find in nature.

Our story today is called "To Build a Fire." It was written by Jack London and adapted by Dona de Sanctis.

'To Build a Fire,' by Jack London

Here is Harry Monroe with the story. “To Build a Fire” is an adventure story of a man’s futile attempt to travel across ten miles of Yukon wilderness in temperatures dropping to seventy-five degrees below zero.

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To build a fire
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